Friday, December 01, 2006

Tactical Overkill

I was reading this over at The Smallest Minority. If you've visited here often, you'll know that I hold a great deal of respect for Kevin. I happen to know that he has visited the old blog. or maybe I should say the original blog which was on another hosting place, but I digress.

Kevin has a great post up covering the militarization of the police and I'm going to link to it so you can all read it. Hit the links in the article too. Ya gotta love the guy, always thoughtful and with clear supporting reference.

Now I ask again: Hey L.E. officers, what do we do about this? You are supposed to be a servant of the people and you seem to have forgotten this. What must we do to remind you? I don't want you disarmed, I want you armed with an appropriate attitude.

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