Sunday, October 08, 2006

This Does Make One Wonder

I'm not real big on stuff like conspiracy theories and the Guvmint planned 9/11 and all that stuff, but apparently, some folks are. I happened to see a link to this site on Fark so I checked it out. Now I have to admit that my first reaction was, what a bunch of paranoid crackpots. But I spent a bit of time on the site, and I read this particular article carefully.

I have to admit that after reading this article, I do have a kinda hmmmmmmm reaction. Let's go with a couple questions here, just for fun. How much of what's going on in our government are we actually informed of? Can we say, for a fact, that this is absolutely untrue? What will we do if it is true? Is there any way to prove or disprove these statements?

My answer... I just don't know. Let's look at a couple things that I am pretty sure of though.

One is forced to admit that converting America into a police state would certainly solidify the power of those in Government. We do know that there are a bunch of them that love that power and would do anything to hold onto it. Just how long has Ted Kennedy been a Senator anyway? Can you say term limits?

One is also forced to admit that our elected officials do hold secrets that are not shared with the people. This is supposed to be our government, by rights, there should be no secrets held from we the people. How can we determine these secrets? We can't as long as they are held as a "National Security" item. Until they are declassified and subject to a Freedom of Information act request and it could be decades before any of these secrets are de-classified. So much for rapid action.

We have to admit that America is a bit less free here lately. This type of trend could continue indefinately as long as the powers that be are subtle about it. Whittle away our freedoms in the name of safety or security and alot of folks AKA sheeple, will just say OK and let it happen. Those of us that don't want to let it happen are often labelled as nuts or radicals and ignored, ridiculed, or worse. Could we be headed down this road? I'm just not sure, but what to do if we are?

I said earlier in this little missive, that I'm not a big believer in the whole black helicopter thing, but one should wonder if maybe, just maybe, buried deep inside all the tin foil hat rantings, there could be a shred of actual fact. If there is, we may have something to fear after all. If not, have we lost anything by preparing for a scenario such as this? I think not. I wouldn't go all crazy about it or get real public with it, but a bit of subtle preparation may not hurt. Coupled with a healthy distrust and close watch of the activities of our Government.

America has forgotten that the Government is supposed to fear the people, not the people fearing the Government. The Government of this Republic is supposed to BE the people. I think it might be worth our collective time and effort to remind our elected officials of that fact.

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