Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I have just about had enough

Of these asshat Muslims demanding we follow their religion. Fuck them, hard and long. You're probably real shocked by that outburst so take a moment and read the article that brought it on here.

Piss on you, you camel humping neandrethal. No one forced you to move here. We occasionally transport alcoholic beverages home to consume. No one here cares that your religion forbids the transport of alcohol. You chose a job in the transportation industry, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TRANSPORT!!

A driver named Fuad Omar explained: "This is our religion. We could be punished in the afterlife if we agree to [transport alcohol]. This is a Koran issue. This came from heaven." Another driver, Muhamed Mursal, echoed his words: "It is forbidden in Islam to carry alcohol."

Big fuckin deal, I have a newsflash for you asshole, this is NOT an Islamic nation.

MAC has consulted on the taxi issue with the Minnesota chapter of the Muslim American Society, an organization the Chicago Tribune has established is devoted to turning the United States into a country run be Islamic law.

Wonderful, a new orginization that wants to turn America into another nation that follows the pedophile prophet. I'm beginning to think there are alot more domestic enemies than foreign. Maybe they should just go down to the local CAIR office, I'm sure they have plenty in common and if we watch carefully, we'll know who to shoot first when the shit hits the fan.

This kind of shit is just unacceptable. If you don't like the way we do things in America, just GTFO!


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