Friday, December 14, 2012

Here We Go Again

There was another senseless shooting today.  An Elementary School in CT.  The reports I have received say 27 dead.  Horrible, senseless and of course, the gun ban crowd is already dancing in the blood

The calls for a new "assault weapon" ban are already coming from the frothing mouths of the gun ban groups and their idiot followers none of them even aware that "assault weapon" was made up by the gun ban crowd to help scare people....oops, I mean sheeple into joining the cause.

Would you believe that the anti gun crazies are even attacking Bushmaster on it's facebook page?  How fucking deluded are these people?  Yes, apparently a MSR was found in a car nearby but handguns were found with the shooter's body (apparently he assumed room temperature after shooting himself).  That info is from USA Today.  Please wander over to Bushmaster's Facebook page and show them a little love.  They should not be held any more responsible for the inappropriate use of their product than an automobile manufacturer should be held for the inappropriate use of theirs.

All that having been said, Warthog Control sends it's prayers to the friends and families affected by this tragic event.

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