Friday, December 14, 2012

Did I forget?

To mention that while the gun banners are screeching for new laws and bans that this latest shooting has once again taken place in one of their vaunted "gun free" zones?

I for one, would like to see a different terminology used when referring to places that law abiding citizens cannot carry self defense tools.  I think we should begin calling them what they actually are:  Mass Murder Empowerment Zones or MMEZ.

Over the last 20+ years, with the exception of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, every mass shooting in the United States has occurred in a "Gun Free" Zone.  Every one.  Yes kiddies, Ft Hood is an MMEP.  Concealed carry for self defense is prohibited on military bases and indeed on most federal properties unless you're an only one.

I would also ask businesses that do not permit employees to carry self defense tools while at work to at least be honest about it when hiring new employees.  You could handle it during the interview process by simply saying, "if we are robbed, we expect you to just cooperate with the criminal.  We know that sometimes, these criminals go ahead and shoot their victims anyway but, we're ok with that".  You could also just go ahead and warn the rest of us by posting a sign on your business that says something like "We do not believe in a citizen's right to self defense and we're ok with it if you get killed while working/shopping here because we don't think guns should be permitted anywhere".

For those of my readers who either live in Michigan or visit Michigan, I refer you to the links on the sidebar to your right to the link for the Do Not Patronize List of the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners.  The MCRGO is a great organization and has developed an up to date listing of the MMEZ's in Michigan.

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