Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine's Day

We all know that Valentine's day is rapidly approaching so don't forget to buy something nice for your significant other, if you have one. If you feel the need to send me gifts, .45 ACP and cash are always acceptable, LOL.

Ah but, the day couldn't be complete without some insanity from the gun ban crowd. I call your kind attention to this article. Take your time, I'll be right here when you're done.

Done? Good.

I think you already know what I'm going to propose but for those who don't know me too very well, attend please.

On February 14th, 2012, I would like for all freedom loving individuals across this great Republic to venture forth to their local Starbucks Coffee joint and spend some money. Buy a new coffee mug for your Mom, send some coffee beans to your sister, buy a couple of your friends a cup of coffee or a cappuccino. Why? Well to spit in the gun banner's eye, do you need a better reason?

Their plan is to do some financial damage to the business to try to coerce Starbucks into joining them on the gun ban band wagon. We should step up to mitigate that loss as a way of saying Thank You to Starbucks for accepting that in some places, you can carry a gun and for not discriminating against us.

I freely admit that I have absolutely no connection to Starbucks whatsoever and I doubt that they, as a corporation, are even aware of my existence. I also admit that I normally do not patronize Starbucks as I don't think their coffee is all that great and I do think it's overpriced however, I love a chance to spit in the eyeballs of the gun banners and I think our own little "Operation Thank You" in the face of a gun banners boycott will be both noticed and appreciated.

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