Wednesday, May 18, 2011

THIS Is Why Michigan Is Fucked

Here it is, a bright shining example of why Michigan is fucked and may never recover.

I'll even give you some excerpts. Like this gem:

The property tax burden on our solar project is 60 times as much as the property tax burden on the nuclear power plant when calculated on a per kilowatt hour basis.

Priceless no? This is how government in Lansing functions. This kind of thing is why Detroit is swirling the bowl and dragging the rest of the state with it.

Field said he considers Michigan’s system to be “schizophrenic” in the sense that it places a tax burden on renewable energy while at the same time the state has a renewable portfolio standard law to encourage renewable energy. He contends that all sources of producing energy should have the same per kilowatt hour tax rate.

And he's right, but that's how Michigan rolls. We want you to bring your business/factory/JOBS here but you have to be taxed at rates that are beyond stupid. Now you know why all the jobs ran away from Michigan and went to Mexico.

Kalamazoo Solar has filed an appeal with the Michigan Tax Tribunal over the property tax issue, but in the meantime, it has to continue paying the property tax, Field said. The appeals were filed a year ago but it could be another two years before the hearing takes place.

3 years to hope that there might be some resolution to this issue and they still have to pay the fucking taxes while they wait and lose money. Don't you just love how swiftly they move on the issue? If we're going to push all this green/renewable energy crap down people's throats then why are we taxing it to the point it can't be sustained?

Rope. Tree. Politician. Some assembly required.

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