Monday, March 29, 2010

That Time Of The Year

I try to make is a habit to do a reminder post every spring. Here's the 2010 edition.

Do you know what time if the year it is? Maybe this will remind you:

That's right folks, it's spring time and that means the start of severe weather season in the United States. Hell, there was a Tornado Warning posted for parts of the central and southern east coast last night. So, have you checked your weather alert receiver? Is it working? Got fresh batteries in your flashlights and portable radios? For that matter, do you have fresh batteries in your smoke detectors?

How about your shelter? You do the spring cleaning and supply inspection yet? 3 days worth of food and water at a minimum. What about toilet necessities? Power could be out for a couple days, you may want to keep that stuff in mind. Do you have a week's supply of necessary medications in your shelter? If that weather alert tone sounds at 2AM, you may not have time to grab anything before hell is upon you so preposition some stuff in your shelter. Come fall, you can bring it up and use it normally, but don't survive the storm just to die because you forgot or couldn't access an important medication due to the damage.

I'm not talking about civil unrest here folks, I'm talking about the fury of nature. Those of you living in places like tornado alley are only too familiar with this, but just because you don't live there doesn't mean it can't come for a visit. Be ready, have a plan, have a shelter and be ready for a couple days with no power.

It's that time of the year. Are you ready?

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