Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Media Confusion

Another priceless quote today, this is becoming quite the link-o-rama, Now from Dave Workman.

Millions of law-abiding firearms owners should not be slandered by the actions of people who allegedly were plotting to assemble bombs and other devices to murder police. There is a campaign to make gun ownership a thing of the past, but the past weekend's arrests should not become its centerpiece.

He's right, the whole article speaks the truth and you can read it here. I tried to discuss this in my post Faulty Perceptions but I kind of tend to ramble and while I'm still happy with the post, I'm certain it drifted off a bit.

The lamestream media does nothing to distinguish a guy like me, who carries for self defense in accordance with all laws, and these lunatics like the hutteree gang. In fact, I think the obfuscation is intentional. They have an agenda and that agenda does not include allowing people like you and I to continue having the ability (or exercising it) for armed self defense. They want a nation of defenseless sheep, unarmed victims. You've seen the reports about how an armed homeowner shoots a criminal in the dining room and how the "victim" is recovering from the gunshot wound at the local hospital.

The media understands that gun ownership is not as common today as it once was. There are a lot of uninformed people out there that don't know a muzzle from a shoulder thing that goes up. They want those uninformed non gun owners to be afraid of guns so that when the next anti gun matter comes to vote, they vote for it. Probably not because they truly hate guns but because they don't know the truth about them or how to handle them safely. The media wants to breed this fear and lack of understanding.

There are sheep, wolves and sheep dogs. The sheep know the wolves will kill them, but they hate the sheep dog because though protective, the sheep dog still resembles the wolf. The sheep do not understand the difference so they bleat and bleat until the sheep dog is removed. When the wolves attack, there is no sheep dog to protect them and they do not understand that they are the reason why the sheep dog is no more, they just die.

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Bill said...

Banning guns is not so much about disarming the public as it is about extending the reach of governmental control. Once you ban guns then you need an infinitely large enforcement effort to keep all guns out of the hands of civilians. Since guns can be manufactured in small factories the enforcement will have to be pervasive.

Give the government a problem and they will magnify in order to justify a massive response. Then the government really goes to work. The response is always expand, expand, expand the bureaucracy then showboat the enforcement.