Thursday, October 08, 2009

Excuse Me?

I was reading David Codrea's War on Guns, which I do every day (and you should to). There is an article there that I have been pondering for the past couple of days, not too difficult since it was written Wednesday. This article addresses a recent "investigation" that was conducted by the City of New York and it's Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

Apparently, the focus of this "investigation" was the ability of "straw purchasers" to purchase weapons at gun shows. Now, those of you who read this who may lean a little left may not see a problem with this, after all, if there's a problem, shouldn't we identify and correct it? On the surface, you may be correct, but look a bit deeper.

These "investigations" are not being conducted in New York City. They were conducted in Ohio, Tennessee and Nevada. This leads me to ask one important question.

Where exactly does the City of New York derive the legal or moral authority to conduct a criminal investigation outside the city limits of New York proper? To the best of my knowledge, their assistance has not been requested. They hold no jurisdiction outside New York City. They have no Federal authority. They have no arrest powers. They have exactly nothing, other than the support of a man who would happily see your guns confiscated.

I wonder if now could be a good time to flood your elected officials with complaints about this man's conduct.

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