Friday, September 11, 2009

Not Seeing The Problem

Sorry folks, I'm just not seeing the problem with someone finally calling charades with Obambi. So he got called a liar and everyone wants to crucify the person responsible. Probably the same assholes that thought it was funny when some alleged comedian wished that Rush Limbaugh would die.

The American people have been calling Obambi a liar since day 1. I for one, think it's high time a congress critter finally stepped up and followed suit. Nice job Rep. Joe Wilson, thanks for standing up. I don't think you should have apologized, but at least you said it to begin with. Hell, if the left wing can shout down a presidential speech like they did to Bush in 2005, then this should be fair play as well.

In the immortal words of Emperor Misha I:

Rope. Tree. Politician.
Some assembly required

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GunGeek said...

What's even more important than someone calling him the liar that he is... is that the emphasis in "You lie" was not on "lie" it was on "You".

That's because he was not just calling Obama a liar, he was countering Obama who had just called Republicans liars because they claimed that his healthcare plan would pay for treatment for illegal aliens.

Calling someone a liar because they just told a lie is one thing, but calling someone a liar because they just called you a liar is an entirely different situation.