Thursday, September 24, 2009

Added to the Not Good List

I spotted this at the USNI Blog and I'm going to risk angering my female readers by showing my dinosaur. This is an article from Navy Times and I'll link to the article here.

Apparently, CNO Adm. Gary Roughead thinks it's time to place female sailors on submarines.

I say that this is a galactically stupid idea. Subs: Small crews, very close quarters, hot-racking, when work needs to be done, it's of an urgent nature that can involve extremely heavy work. Let's not get the ex-Damage Controlman started on how heavy and nasty that work can be. I shall allow it to be left at...I doubt a 100 lb female is going to carry a 200 lb unconscious sailor out of an escape scuttle.

There are some jobs that women can do better, they're better welders, properly trained, they're better precision shooters because the have steadier hands. but the day to day life on a sub isn't like that. 6 to 8 months out at sea? Young, lonely horny people together in close quarters = bad fucking idea. Go over to and watch the series Carrier and you get an idea of what goes on aboard surface ships, now transpose that to a sub where the passageways are so tight that rubbing up against one another is almost mandatory and you get an idea how ludicrous this idea is.

No, I'm sorry, but I say no. Bad, bad idea.

The dinosaur has spoken.

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