Sunday, March 15, 2009


We seem to be surrounded by threats lately. The outside threats are mainly Iran, China, the Norks, but in a chilling blast from the past, Russia even seems to be posturing lately.

Our internal threats are our own government.

First, I think we need to decide which threat is the most pressing and confront it. Being an uncomplicated person with cut and dried views, I think it's time to pump out the big white shithouse in D.C. I think there should be a strong and unified call for congress to resign and be replaced.

Once we have our house under control, we can look at threat mitigation for outside threats.

Controlling our house is not going to be simple. It's not going to happen quickly. We need many things to happen. Jobs are one real big one. The current administration is doing nothing to create jobs and working overtime to punish those who work to give to those who refuse and those who are criminals under the laws of this nation.

I have some ideas. I know they're simplistic, but at least I'm throwing them out there and perhaps someone smarter or wiser than I can use them as a starting point.

First, repeal the entire porkulus package. If I open a store and then over pay employees to put out bread that rots in a week, I'm going to go out of business. And I have no one to blame but myself, I did it to me. I can't blame Wal~Mart, they put out a better product and do a better job of controlling those costs they can. I do not deserve a bailout. Neither do the auto makers in Detroit. You want to "stimulate" the auto companies? Then you say, "hey, tell ya what, I'll let you not pay taxes for 5 years but in exchange, you have to ditch the UAW and stop paying outrageous salaries to people that don't deserve it". I bet they make that happen. Now we throw yet another angle at them. When you build those cars, you have to use plants that are physically located in America, you have to use American workers and you have to use American materials that were made in plants that operate under the same conditions (American located and American workers). By doing this, you have created a situation where American companies now have incentive to keep factories and workers American and it snowballs right down the hill to the suppliers. More people earning a wage means more money into the economy. Simple.

Government didn't have to do anything except create an environment that made the car companies want to fix their own house.

I would suggest closing the borders and deporting the illegal aliens. Let the states control their own borders under a mutually agreed upon policy based upon current federal law. See? More jobs created. Fence installers, patrol and enforcement people and all at the State level where it actually belongs. Since one of the outside threats is radical Islam, revoke the Visas of all Arab individuals and send them home. At gunpoint if necessary. Stop letting potential terrorists into the country.

The Mexican mess can and should be left to the Mexican government to solve. We have our own mess to deal with. If they cannot control it and it spills over the border to us, then we just simply kill all the participants on the spot. We will probably only have to do that once for the message to get across that North is not where you wanna go if you wanna cause havoc. That one is probably not going to be a real popular idea. I understand that, but I'm not talking about innocent folk here, I'm talking about Narco-terrorists that are attempting to take over a sovereign government to our south. The innocent folk are the ones caught in the cross fire. The idea is to pin these criminals against our border so the Mexicans can isolate them and round them up. If they cross, we shoot, plain and simple. Oh, you mean this might be dangerous for some of our folks down there? Yep, but if you look at it now, it already is and there's no stated policy to back them up. They could do their jobs and still get prosecuted. I bet we could enlist the citizen militia down there to help. That is, after all, their Constitutional purpose. Some of them are already there doing a fine job of observing and reporting.

We need to stop worrying so much about the idea of offending someone when so many in this world would prefer us to be dead or subjugated under radical Islam.

The outside threats? We clean our house first and once we have that taken care of, we deal with them as we must. Peacefully if possible and with extreme violence a'la Patton if not.

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