Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Day!

There's a couple fresh posts up from Syd at Front sight, Press. Get yer butt over there and read...and learn!

One of the things that struck me in one of his posts is that he talks about how frustrated he is over the recent shootings. The cops in Oakland being one. I agree, a horrible situation. It is very frustrating to be out in the world trying to defend the 2nd Amendment when knuckleheads like that are running around being...well...knuckleheads.

My biggest concern is that that frustration will cause us to begin to give up. That will not end well. The banners would love for us to become disheartened, to start to become so frustrated with the miscreants that our voice wavers. We cannot allow this! We must be louder than ever! These knuckleheads are one of the reasons we need to keep the 2nd Amendment just as it is and tell those elected weasels to leave it alone. If I'm at home and I see some dirtbag yank an AK out of his car and point it at a cop, trust me, he's gonna be taking fire in a big assed hurry. I will not stand by idly, or unarmed, when some dickhead tried to shoot up the mall. I'm trying to shop for some new books here asshole, you disturb that with violence, then I'm gonna get all shooty on your ass so I can go back to my book shopping in peace.

We cannot give ground. We absolutely must stand our ground against those who would usurp or rights. It is our primary duty as citizens and patriots to defend our country and our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. We give those bastards an inch and we'll wind up in chains.

Well, maybe you'll wind up in chains. I have my Constitutional protection devices loaded and ready to go. they are inspected and cleaned once a week regardless of rather they have been fired or not. They are fired every time I can afford extra ammunition. They will only be given to the government bullets first, then picked up from the vicinity of my dead body. I took the oath in 1981, it didn't become less valid when I got out of the Navy.

I won't start it, this I promise. I won't run either.

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