Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Defensive Video

I watched a video at Front Sight, Press. It's a video on dealing with an immediate confrontation. I'm going to tear it apart as I watch it so this might not be real smooth, but it's play by play.

The theory of creating distance is pretty common sense. The way he shows it would take a bit of practice to avoid tripping all over yourself and the theory he espouses about the amount of distance you gain is predicated on your attacker not moving also, Which I think is unrealistic.

His 40 degree to the rear movement is assuming you can get your gun out of the holster before you move. Again, not realistic. Crosstepping? Ok, you've practised it for years, I haven't, it's not gonna do me much good if the problem occurs while I'm going to practice. Switch back to cover the other 45 degree angle? While in combat? Taken by surprise? Not thinking about it? Yeah right, can you say trip all over both your left feet? Moving back at a 45 degree angle gets you out of the killzone 50% faster than moving straight back or laterally....Providing your attacker 1. Hasn't jumped all over you and is pinning you down, 2. That your attacker doesn't have a friend or friends behind you, 3. That your attacker stands still while you move. What about looking for some cover?

I think this guy tries too hard to find the right wording for his presentation. He seems to be very careful with how he words or phrases stuff. I would expect that from a person who is either unused to or greatly dislikes public speaking.

Let's go over video 2

I admit, I like the distraction idea. Take full advantage of normal human reactions.There's that damn crosstep again. He's trying to do too much. Some idiot just jumped out of the shadows at you. Under stress, you're going to lose all your fine motor skills and coordination. You need something simpler. The music is a bit annoying too.

I think he's trying to incorporate too much stuff into this. Some good ideas, the distraction is great as is the need to get away from the attacker. The style of movement should be your discretion though. The cross step just assumes you don't trip all over yourself and that your attacker stays still.

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Kenton Manning said...

Never mind video directions. If I had scanned lower on front sight I would have found thanks