Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nutbags with video

I have always been a huge fan of the space program. As a child with a very active imagination, the Apollo missions really captured my attention. Now this here bunch of nutbags is claiming that they have video which shows an alien spaceship parked or possibly crashed on the moon.

Having watched the video, here, I wanna shoot a couple holes in the theory. First off, the video supposedly came from Apollo 20...that mission was canceled. There were no Apollo missions after Apollo 17 (source). Second, the captions on the video are mis spelled, bad form what? Third, according to those captions, of which you can hear no voices, only static and badly timed chirps, the Lunar Module is communicating with Vandenberg, which is an Air Force Base. Mission control for space missions, even today, is Houston. They may occasionally speak to the Kennedy Spaceflight Center, but Mission control is in Houston, Texas. Third, the video makes on believe that the Lunar Module is orbiting this "spacecraft". Most of the moon landings were made under computer control. The fuel was very limited so no one would have been orbiting anything.

So, as the non expert that I am, based on what I know due to a lifelong love of all things spaceflight, I say this little video is a really sad hoax and some dipwad bought it hook, line and sinker.

Looks like this site has some more stuff on it, I may spend some time here.

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