Saturday, September 16, 2006

Border Blues

I was reading over at Kim du Toit (if you don't read Kim every day, you're missing out) and I saw this post about border security. I think it would be very worthwhile to call or write (respectfully, if possible) your congressweasel errr person, and inform them that you expect them to get this measure passed without delay.

Alot of people want to bitch about congress doing what they damn well please. I think this happens because WE fail to direct them. They do work for us, but they will do whatever they think might be right in the absence of direction from their constituents. We need to get ahold of our elected reps and inform them of what we think is right.

Back to the border issue. The measure to get the wall on the southern border passed the House, now we have to pressure our elected idiots in the Senate to get it to the President, and then we need to make sure that he knows that we expect him to sign it and get it moving.

We're being invaded by illegal aliens in record numbers. This is bad enough on its face, especially in light of the economic damage they wreak. Also consider this, how many possible terrorists are sneaking in this way also? Maybe none, maybe hundreds, we need this to stop.

And, before I forget, make sure to tell your senator that any form of amnesty for illegal aliens is UNACCEPTABLE. They are here illegally, round them up and deport them.

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