Monday, August 03, 2015

Oh My

Look how long it's been since I posted anything.  Too long.  The updates are, I have submitted the last of the required paperwork to get a new command and control center.  My new job is going great and I'm enjoying it very much.  For those who don't know, I work for a utilities location company.  It's a great job with great pay and damn good benefits.  I am also working part time as an assistant manager for a security company and at a gas station.  I'm busy, I'm tired but, I have a brighter future, at least financially.

I have been able to go do some fun stuff.  I went to see the USS Silversides museum and at the same time, I saw the LST 393 museum.  Turns out it's one of only 2 intact WW2 LST's left in the world.  It's a historical treasure and if you find yourself in the Muskegon, MI area, you would be seriously missing out on something special if you skip these 2 museums.

I also went to the Renaissance Faire in Augusta, MI this last weekend.  It was much fun and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them.  I did see something very special there that I will mention.  As I was winding up my day, I saw a part of the royal court walking through the realm and as usual, in perfect character.  They came upon a young child in a wheelchair and when they spotted the child, I wasn't able to see if it was a male or female child, they stopped and knelt before the child and spoke with them as if they were the most important visitor of the day.  You could see the joy and the wonder of it in not only the child's face, but in the faces of the parents.  I thought that was damn classy.

It hasn't been all wonderful but I will not post the bad stuff here.  There's already too much of that going on.

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