Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Haz a Sad

I would have written this yesterday but, I couldn't.  I'm going to have some trouble with it today.  The best place to start is by reading this.  Yes, I posted a simple note with condolences.  I wanted to say something soothing and profound but I sat there looking at the blank comment box through tears.

The loss of your furry companion is something that no non pet owner will ever understand.  It's not just an animal.  It's a member of your family as much as a child or a wife.  In some ways, even moreso.  The loyalty, the companionship, no human can match that.  There's no judgement, no derision just love.

Reading something like that makes me contemplate the simple fact that I will lose my precious kitty Selena some day and that is a day that I dread because I know that I will not handle it as well as some might.

All I can think of is this:

"The past taunts us, the present confuses us, and the future frightens us and our lives slip away, moment by moment. Lost in the vast terrible in between. But there is still time to seize that one last fragile moment." Emperor Turhan - Babylon 5

All we have are moments and we have to luxuriate in each one of them because they are precious and they will never happen again.

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