Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day


transitive verb \ˈä-nər\
: to regard or treat (someone) with respect and admiration : to show or give honor to (someone)
: to show admiration for (someone or something) in a public way : to give a public honor to (someone or something)

Today is a day to honor all Americans who have served their country.  Some have made great sacrifices.  As the saying goes:  All gave some, some gave all.

It's about more than getting a little discount in a store or a free meal at a restaurant.  These things are nice and I will be taking advantage of the free meal at Applebees today but it's also about taking just one day to put aside the petty bullshit that you bitch about every day and think about the sacrifices made by those who have defended freedom.

The soldiers who lived in the mud and filth of the trenches in WW1.  The troopers who shivered in the cold with no food and little ammunition at Bastogne.  The Marines who suffered from little food and malaria at Guadalcanal.  The Marines who froze, damn near to death at Chosin during the Korean war.

To today's military who hump rucks over 80 pounds up mountains in Afghanistan and sleep on the ground.

To think that you bitch that the traffic light is taking too long.  These guys are away from their families and sleeping in the yuck, eating crap food and getting ambushed and blown up by IED's.

Yes, I am going to go get my free dinner but I'm also going to hoist a lovely scotch to the reason I'm getting a free dinner.

To my fellow veterans, regardless of branch of service, you are my brother or sister and I thank you for everything you put aside to do what you do today. To those who serve now, thank you seems inadequate but it will have to do.

Here's a little more information about the history of today.

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