Thursday, February 07, 2013

Android v. Blackberry

I've been meaning to write this for a while.

The background goes like this:  I have had 3 smartphones.  All Android based.  I started with a Samsung Moment (which I loved), wound up with an HTC Hero (which will be taped to a target at Freedom Firearms soon) and I now have a Kyocera Rise (which I also love).

Overall, I love the Android OS.  It's fairly fast, easy to work with and it does a lot in a simple manner.

I needed a work specific phone.  I have too many phone calls during the day and I'm sleeping during the day.  Someone gave me a Blackberry for free.

What.  A.  Piece.  Of.  Shit!

It's slow as hell on the same network.  It's hard to work with.  It's got too much proprietary crap in it so it won't do the most basic things, like open a word attachment in an email.  Certain numbers I have to call for work I have to call 4 or 5 times because the damn thing spontaneously hangs up.  I go to the work server to get my email and I have to try to sign in 6 times because it goes to some odd place when I type the first character of my user name then 5 or 6 more times because it does it again when I type in the first character of my password.

Half the time, the trackball just does whatever it wants to do rather than what I tell it to do.

Should I have a day come when I don't need this phone anymore, I'm going to paint it with tannerite and shoot it.

If you have a choice the choice is clear.  Fuck Blackberry, get the Android.

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