Wednesday, November 07, 2012

It Was Good While It Lasted

243 years after it's founding, the greatest Republic in human history was murdered in it's sleep.  243 years of freedom gone with the pull of a voting lever operated by people that obviously haven't been paying attention.  People who care about nothing other than the "free" government cheese they use to feed their illegitimate children.  God forbid they go get a job and help pay for that cheese, they'd rather tax businessmen into poverty to provide it for them. They vote for people like this.

The only hope for survival now depends on a still conservative majority in the house, if they actually stand on their principals but as the old joke goes, you know a politician is lying when his/her lips are moving.

Now we wait on the next 4 years that they've given this person to see how much more destruction can be heaped upon the smouldering heap of ash that was a great nation. 

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