Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What? Me Worry?

Oh yeah. At first, I wondered about some of the stuff flying around about the left trying to spark a civil war. I thought, oh come on now, no one in their right mind wants that kind of horror. Maybe they're not in their right mind. I am actively beginning to wonder. Maybe I had better not discount this as simple frustration or as merely angry words.
Would you believe that a sitting state governor actually said this? Does that make you feel squeamish? The thought of that makes my skin crawl. How about this? Really?

Then, Obummer actually says that a Republican win in the next election would cripple the nation. Really? I think you already did that. What could be much worse that what you have already done? The economy is shot, unemployment went up, gas prices went up, don't get me started on the debt. You really think Republicans could do worse? A monkey wouldn't have made this much mess.

The question becomes one of what do we do about it? Will the election of a conservative help the process? Or do we need to look at another remedy? Is it time to start training in earnest for an event that we all fervently hope never happens? How doomed is this once great Republic? Should we try to fix it now? With all of it's resultant horror, or do we just keep praying it will never happen in our lifetimes and leave it to our children to clean up?

I honestly have no answers I am only throwing the thought out for discussion among my wiser readers. I will say I am getting more uncomfortable with what I see and hear, what I'm going to do? I wish I knew.

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