Saturday, March 05, 2011

Hunt Club, Battle Creek

I went to the Hunt Club in Battle Creek, MI today. It's supposed to be a nice place. The special was a 16oz ribeye. The worst cut of meat I have had since I was in the Navy. 3/4 fat. By the time the fat was trimmed away it was a weight watchers cut. I would have been happier going to Burger King or cooking up some fresh road kill.

To top it all off, when I said something to the waitress, she had to talk to the bartender, the bar tender actually acted like she was offended that someone had had the temerity to complain. I will say that the waitress was wonderful. The overall experience, however, was totally ruined by the crappy cut of meat and the horrible attitude of the bar tender, who had to call a manager on the phone to find out what to do about this. Had to call the manager? Really? The motherfucker couldn't be bothered to come out from wherever and deal with a dissatisfied customer?

They turned my first ever visit into my last ever visit. Fuck them.

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