Thursday, November 18, 2010


Obviously, the full body scans and the gubmint sanctioned groping of citizens has been all over the news. I'm right there with most everyone else when I say that I disagree with the way this "security" is being handled.

Enhanced pat down? Hell no, if anyone else did it, it would be a sexual assault. You think that's an exaggeration? Go to your local bar this weekend and try giving one to one of the other patrons.

Yes, I do think TSA is out of control. For that matter, I think most of the government is out of control. This "Department of Homeland Security" is little more than the clowns running the circus. They can't do the job either from behind a desk or by being so afraid that they might offend someone that they do almost nothing. Sadly, when they do actually do something, it's not well thought out and they wind up offending everyone.

So, what do we do? Well, I have heard of a group organizing a national opt-out day for the day before Thanksgiving. The idea being that everyone who flies should opt-out of the full body scanner and submit to the grope. The idea being that if everyone does this, it slows the system down to a slow crawl and demonstrates how terrible the idea of the body scanners is. Nice thought, I doubt the sheeple will go for it, but it's a nice thought. I have, what is in my opinion, an even better thought.

Let's have a National No Fly day. We have a very public announcement that due to the obscenity that TSA has become, we're just not going to fly. By doing this, we have the potential to cost the airlines an awful lot of money. Because we have been careful to firmly state that the reason we're not flying is the TSA and that this is a protest over both the full body scanners and the grope check if one opts out, the airline industry as a whole comes against the TSA.

Why would it work? Because the airlines are very important to the economy and they can't afford to lose millions of dollars a day because people have stopped flying in protest of the TSA going a lot too far. They'd scream bloody murder and the government would be forced to make changes so that people would fly again.

I am fully aware that this is all a dream that will never come to fruition because the American people are far too selfish. They're all in a hurry to do whatever it is they're doing and can't be bothered to re-plan their travel to an alternate method. They have to get there fast. As long as that remains the prevailing attitude in America, then the sheeple will continue to submit to the sexual assaults of the TSA. The rest of us should stop flying.

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