Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some Things To Think About

I've seen a couple posts today that have made me stop and think. I'll just point you over to Brigid's and let you read her thoughts. They are wonderful as always but you may want some kleenex nearby, the dust is awful over there today ;).

The other thing I saw is going to take a bit more. If memory serves me correctly (no, I am NOT going to go hunt them down), I have written, a time or 2, about the misuse of the English language and how it seems to have been perverted into something else. I saw a post today that shows an example of this, but even more than that, it shows how powerful an effect words have on your brain and how words can make you do things that are, on their face, really stupid, but somehow the words compel you to it.

Read this and then ponder it for a moment.

I used to see this every day. Every goddamn day. I once threatened to shoot someone over it...in public. Always the same excuse...stop worrying, it's not loaded. I don't give a fuck! It's a goddamn GUN. What part of DON'T FUCKING POINT THAT AT ME are you missing?

I have to agree that the rules for safe gun handling need to be re-thought and I think that cutting it down to the 3 in the article is the right way to go.

It's become a matter of wording and how the human brain reacts to it. Like the article says, once your brain wraps itself around the idea that the gun is unloaded, for some reason it believes that it's ok to do stupid things with it.

Friends, there's a lot too much stupid in the world today. The gene pool needs a chlorine treatment really badly. Let's work extra hard at not adding to the problem.

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