Saturday, January 02, 2010

Place Blame Where It Belongs

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I'm no big fan of the way government has been operating. I spend a fair amount of time bitching about it even if I don't think anyone cares. I'm no fan of Obama or his administration and I don't trust Congress any further than I could throw the Capitol Dome.

Take a look at what they have done, they are slowly but surely neutering the military, which happens under every Democratic administration. They run around expanding government and spending tons of money that the country doesn't have. New bureaucracies and higher tax burdens for all. A nation bleeding jobs at a rate never before seen. Agencies of the alphabet soup variety out of control and looking in all the wrong places in the name of political correctness not actually looking where they should be. There certainly is a lot to complain about and as responsible citizens in a Constitutional Republic, we should be complaining very loudly and very clearly. Silence will not be our friend in this.


Having said all of that, We the People seriously need to take a breath here.

I think it is very probable that Obama is NOT eligible to be the President according to the Constitution. Ya know what? None of the courts are going to deal with that. Not now and sadly, probably not ever. I know, it sucks, it weakens the nation to allow a usurper to stay in office. But it is what it is.

All that stimulus money? Not too much we can do about that, it's pretty much spent. Pork and all. I honestly do not know if the next congress could change that or not, if they can and don't then there should be hell to pay over it.

Health Care....Obamacare....Pelosicare...whatever you want to call it. This can still be stopped if we stay on those damn representatives and keep writing and calling and reminding them how much we hate it. Should it pass, it should result in the immediate impeachment of every senator or representative that voted for it and all 50 states should pass resolutions against it. I think you know how I feel about Health Care and if you don't, read Still Trying.

Cap and Trade could be the final nail in the coffin of this nation's economy and must not be allowed.

Yes, there is a lot to complain about and much work to be done if we are to save the greatest nation on Earth from falling into darkness. But we have to do 2 very important things in order to be successful.

1. Get our facts straight. If you're going to bitch, bitch with as much accurate information as possible. Liberals argue with emotions and feelings, we have to argue with facts as they are so much harder to refute.

2. Place the blame where it belongs. If you're going to point fingers, make sure you point at the right source.

I'll even add a third. Pick your battles. If you're going to flood your elected officials with letters, do so with issues that can or will be dealt with. The Obama birth thing is a dead issue right now..Health care is very much an issue. Getting Congress to look into and possibly overturn the recent Executive Order that gives Interpol so much power in the US is an issue. Write on these, leave the stuff that can't or won't be dealt with lay.

So, with all of that as ground work, I come (finally) to the point. Yes, TSA is useless. No, TSA should not be unionized. Yes, TSA should be commanded to look for actual threats and stop being politically correct about it.

NO, TSA should not be blamed for the Christmas underwear bomber. That guy didn't board that aircraft at an airport under TSA jurisdiction. The guy boarded the aircraft in Amsterdam. Maybe he was on a watch list, or a no-fly list but it is pretty obvious that the people in Amsterdam didn't know that....and who's fault is that? There is where the national finger needs to point. TSA does do a lot wrong, but this time, it wasn't all their fault.

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