Sunday, December 13, 2009

Play it again Sam

Suck it Army

Navy has won a service academy-record 15 consecutive games against Army and Air Force. Its last loss to a service academy was against the Falcons in 2002.

The Mids are one win shy of tying their single-season record (1905, 2004), but this one wasn't a rout like so many of Navy's wins in the series this decade. The Mids outscored the Black Knights 78-3 the last two years, including a 34-0 victory last season. H/T Fox Sports


The Six said...

Man, this is getting embarrassing. I don't know if I can stand another year of the shame. I mean, it's ok to beat the AF but do they have to keep thumping my boys?
Woe, Oh Woe Is Me!

Warthog said...

You know the thing I have always loved about inter-service rivalries? It's that we can all come together and talk smack, but the brotherhood never fails us. When the chips are down, we have each other's backs. I love that.