Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cool News

I found a couple things over at Blackfive that I think are very worthy of being shared, especially in these stressful times.

Well this is a breath of fresh air. A court in El Paso, TX has been set up sepcifically to deal with returning vets who have gotten themselves into trouble. It is taking into account the effect that combat has had on them and working to provide peer counseling and other ways to keep them from simply going to jail. They do not automatically excuse crimes, but look at the entire picture of each person and if they seem to have been affected by their service they offer help. h/t Dawn Patrol.

A new court that will open in El Paso County next month is designed to provide returning veterans accused of felonies with an alternative to the conventional justice system, which is not always sympathetic to combat-related brain injuries and stress disorders.

"It's based on drug court, where there are immediate consequences, with a lot of heavily supervised probation," said El Paso County District Judge Ron Crowder, a two-star general in the Colorado Army National Guard, a former paratrooper in Vietnam and holder of the Distinguished Service Medal.

Crowder is developing the court with a group that includes mental-health counselors, court administrators and veterans advocates.

I hope this concept catches on and provides another safety net for those who have done the right thing and then been hurt while doing so. We have to work in every part of society to get these folks help not punishment. This is a great piece of that puzzle.

And this, which is a touch long and I think I'll post a link instead of the whole story, but it's a story about winning in the face of adversity which should make you think, your life isn't so bad after all.

H/T Blackfive

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