Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Late Again

I just now remembered that it is past time for a little feature that has become a tradition here. The early Summer/supposed to have been done in the Springtime, preparedness post.

Here's a site you might be interested in for basic supplies. Nitro-Pak.com it may sound slightly paranoid to you but take a look around where you live. Jobs are disappearing, taxes are going up, there was just a Jihadist attack in Alabama. You maybe used to laugh, or at least smile and shake your head, at the folks that espouse preparedness but maybe you want to look at this subject again.

It's not just this kind of stuff either, have you checked the batteries in all your flashlights and smoke detectors? Have you tested your weather alert radio? Is your storm shelter up to snuff? Do you have 3 days worth of basic survival supplies on hand in case of a tornado or a flood or a hurricane?

Too many people focus on that thing called TEOTWAWKI, but what about a short term disruption in normal life? Are you ready?

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John Wesley said...

I couldn't agree more.