Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quick Update

Those who enjoy reading some of the blogs I link to are going to notice a change in the sidebar. Worldwide War Pigs has moved and it's owner Eric Palmer has opened a new log on Word Press. I have therefore, changed the link appropriately.

For a second update, I may be changing jobs in the next week. This isn't going to have any effect on the glacially slow blogging I have been doing to this point, but there may be some new subject matter concerning stupid people.

Since I'm here, I do want you all to wander over to Blackfive and take a look at Laughing Wolf
s newest post. It seems a friend of his that is a top notch supporter of the troops has attracted a libtard and would like a bit of moral support.


Brigid said...

Good luck with the job. The new subject matter is sure to be entertaining.


Warthog said...

Oh, you may have no idea, LOL.

This is truly exciting though, 'm in on the ground floor of this and it's good times to be sure.