Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I have had just about enough of this kind of bullshit. Since when has common sense left the building? A 10 year old girl brings a piece of steak to school and a small knife to cut it with and gets fucking arrested? What the hell is that? Is she supposed to eat it caveman style? Everyone admits that the girl did nothing wrong, just wanted to cut her steak to eat. Where's the threat? Where's the danger? Where's the Brady Bunch calling for some common sense steak control?

You do not have a right to feel safe. You do have a right to actually be safe. This is, however, an unsafe world thanks to the laws that prevent mass chlorination of the gene pool. If there's no immediate threat to anyone or anything other than the steak, then in no way shape or form should law enforcement be involved in this. You should be able to cut a birthday cake, or a steak. As long as you don't threaten anyone.

I think there should be a loud outcry of protest over this kind of bullshit.

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