Thursday, September 13, 2007

Michigan, Start writing your congresscritters NOW!

A bill has been introduced in Lansing that will permit schools to grant permission to trained and qualified teachers to carry concealed weapons in schools. Today's Kalamazoo Gazette has the story.

The opposition you will see comes from the same leftards that are going to scream "Why wasn't something done to prevent this?" when or --- forbid if something happens here. You see the same old leftard responses about the wild west and all of that nonsense.

Look kiddies, Muslim Terrorists used to shoot up schools in Israel. You know what stopped that? The Israelis armed their teachers.....with automatic weapons. We're talking about concealed handguns here. There's some nonsense in here about "well if one of the kids gets a hold of a gun..." How the hell is that going to happen if said gun is safely carried on the teacher's hip?

Stop screwing around and get the teachers armed. For that matter, let's go ahead and abolish ALL of the gun free zones in Michigan. There's a bill somewhere in committee for that too.

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