Thursday, August 10, 2006

For all the good it did

Here's a story about the "crime emergency" the Washington DC enacted last month (still in effect by the way). Yeah, big deal. I love this line:

Police statistics for last month, which tallied 3,042 crimes, are nearly identical to those for July 2005, which numbered 3,034 crime

You may notice that nearly identical is higher. Crime in the Nation's Capital is on the rise but, law abiding citizens can't own guns to protect themselves. Yeah, it's workin out real well isn't it? In my most humble opinion, and one that I am most certain that Emperor Misha would agree with, this nation needs to do 2 things very quickly.

1. National Concealed Carry and a universal castle doctrine so that law abiding citizens may protect themselves wherever they may roam.

2. We need to let Darwin have his way. The laws were written to protect the stupid people, if we can eliminate them, well, it's called survival of the fittest for a reason sweetheart. The gene pool needs a big shot of chlorine.

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